At New Creation Child Care Center, we feel that teaching children values, morals, ethics, skills of building friendship, and how to connecting with others in a positive fashion is a step toward making a more peaceful world. We structure our programs to provide opportunities to teach these necessities and skills.  New Creation Child Care Center has a very high level of sensitivity for her little people who compel us to seek their feelings and mediate solutions for them.  We encourage older children to resolve problems on their own when we feel they have the necessities and skills yet modeling phrasing for those who need it.  We always try to recognize how each child feels in a conflict and provide a model to help develop love for others.

Our classroom groupings are planned with varying ages and levels of social skills and society development.  A shy child can be paired with one with stronger social skills to carry out a task or play in a learning center.  This can help the child with more limited social skills learn to negotiate, particularly when an observant teacher is nearby to facilitate problem solving.  We look to find resolutions for the common good of those involved, and to teach children to find these kind of values independently.

New Creation Child Care Center serves families without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, marital status, sexual preference, national origin, or disability.

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Our staff works  in harmony with parents to help them understand their child's intellectual, emotional, moral, ethic, social and physical development, and to provide supportive services if needed. We work to ensure that your child experiences a safe loving environment, to capture the essence of the home setting by achieving the following:

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