At New Creation Child Care Center, throughout the day children are provided opportunities to create, explore, learn problem solving and personal interaction skills.  Many of these concepts will be learned through firsthand experiences.  Children gain a positive self-concept through a balance of self and teacher directed activities. 

Our program is designed to teach morals, ethics, society values, enhance children's self-esteem, to develop social skills, stimulate learning, build speech and language development, and challenge large and small motor skills.  The non-sexist, not competitive environment is designed to help children discover their own and others' uniqueness, and to become comfortable with themselves and others.

Children need many interesting things to touch, taste, hear, smell and see.  In our classrooms children will be painting, dressing up, playing house, building with blocks, working with puzzles, looking at colorful picture books, digging in sand, pouring water, riding tricycles, banging drums, watering plants, feeding class pets, dancing, pretending and much more.  Our major goal is to expose children to hundreds of wonderful things for them to explore and discover through their self-directed play.  We feel it is important to excite children about learning by providing them with opportunities to make discoveries about themselves and their world.

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